Eat It Up!

 It's Good, It's Great, It's Gone!  What's the food like?  Short answer, it's great!  longer answer, we serve healthy kid-friendly meals.  Deserts are infrequent, no soda (water, juice, and milk), fruits and vegetables and...fruits oh my!   Here are some specifics about how we eat at Hawkeye!  For a list of meals head over to the "Food" page in the Camper Life section.

Homemade Bread Daily

We make our own bread (12-16 loaves) every day!  Do you like bread?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  A staple of snack and dinner options is made by a different cabin every day.  You too will learn to make bread and impress us all with your culinary skills (we hope).

Our Gardens

Ingredients from our gardens make it into meals all summer long.  Herbs are grown right in front of the dining hall and vegetables over in our large garden.  The only thing getting in the way of some of the freshest ingredients is hungry campers walking by.

Family Style

We eat our meals family style unless we're eating around the campfire or on BBQ day.  Both of those cases we eat outside buffet style.  Family style means that food is brought to the table in serving dishes and shared out to everyone at the table like you might do at home for dinner.  Please pass the homemade bread!

Staff members head up each table, serve the food out, and ensure that everyone is eating, involved, and is happy.

Nut Free

Our meals are peanut, pine nut, and all other kinds of nut free.  Our kitchen is nut free.  The ingredients we use to make our meals are nut free and are made or packaged in factories that are nut free as well.  Since we don't allow food in the cabins or candy around camp you can be assured that your child will be safe at camp eating our healthy meals.

Vegetarian Option

Declare your vegetarianism at the start of the session and you'll be rewarded with vegetarian versions of each meal or a different vegetarian option.  Spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday night  can become, in the blink of an eye, spaghetti and falafel balls!

Vegans & Other Dietary Needs

Let's talk about it.  We've done vegan before and will again.  We like to plan these things out and make sure we are ready with fun, great tasting options from the get so let's make a plan.