The Meals at Camp

3 A Day Plus Snack!

Here's a list of some meals that we serve at Hawkeye. Remember there is always a vegetarian version as well as an alternative if it's something you don't like.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Fresh, hot breakfast here! Breakfast is always served with water for hydration, fruit as well as OJ. You like pancakes? WE GOT THAT! You like bacon? WE GOT THAT! Egg sandwiches, check. French toast, check.

Breakfast is served every morning at 8am with an extra helping of Hawkeye News. HNN (the Hawkeye News Network) brings you exclusive information from around camp that you need to know. Something funny happen? HNN reports it. Someone's birthday; Aye Aye Captain - hear it here. In addition to a delicious breakfast if you want you can be part of a nutritious daily news cast.

Banana Bread and Bacon. Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, and Toast. French Toast and Home Fries. Breakfast Burritos. Hot & Cold Cereal.
Lunch is many campers favorite meal. Water for hydration, cut vegetables, and apple juice are always on the table waiting for announcements to finish. Expect music for a soundtrack to your dining experience. You know what else; random chanting, "we LOVE the milk!," conga lines, dancing, and songs punctuate forkfuls of goodness.

Burrito Day! - voted best lunch of the year three summers running. As defending champion burrito experiences a lot of pressure... Chicken, beans, or beef burrito?

What else? Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Macaroni and cheese (when you get the beef in there the mac & cheese goes to the next level). Chicken burger and sweet potato fries. Quesadillas and pasta salad. Cottage Pie. LEFTOVER DAY!!!!!!!!! (lots of choices on leftover day and lots of food to go around)
Lunch is a tough act to follow, not to mention snack in the afternoon, but if anyone can do it, dinner can. Let's start with water for hydration, salad, homemade bread, and milk every night. Add to that a dash of awesomeness combined with a large helping of "yes please I'll have some more."

Dinners will fill you up to cap off a great day but beware; evening activity follows dinner and there are arguments to be made for smaller portions. Counselor hunt, Capture the Flag, Surprise Night, and Sports Night are a few.

Spaghetti and meatballs. Chicken Curry. Full English Roast. Chicken Stir-Fry. Barbecue (prepare for a picnic on the grass and a relaxed evening atmosphere). Baked Ziti. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Pizza Night! (starts with make your own pizzas in the afternoon)