New Friends Await

Camp Friends = Best Friends

"One of the things I love about camp is meeting new people who haven't known me since I was just a little kid. They see me for who I am now; not who I was."

Be Yourself

Camp lets you be who you really are; unique.  The  pressures and worries of school are long gone. Everyone is at camp to have fun and learn new things. People want to get to know you and you don't have to be a certain way. Reinvent yourself. How about a camp nickname? Some all-time great camp nicknames; Lego, LaLa, Zero, Nor Nor, Jafro, Staples, and Mouse.

Counselors Who Are "In It" and "Get it"

A wonderful thing about Hawkeye is the counselors are in the bunk. They play games (Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! anyone?) and lead dance parties. They are the group's social center and responsible for the development of the cabin's shared experience. Our counselors care and help every step of the way. Whether it's making your bed or making a friend you've got someone to help.

Opportunities for Craziness

Hawkeye is organized spontaneity, having fun trying new things, and having a little craziness. Intentionally silly situations, activities, and group programming brings campers and staff out of their comfort zone, eliminates self-consciousness, and supports individuality.  Where everyone is a little different, nobody is the same, and we are all friends.

Get Fun

Friends Around Camp

Selfies and group shots, hiking and hanging, lots of opportunities to make new friendships and spend time with wonderful people.