Be a Counselor

                              So, you want to be a counselor at Hawkeye?...Outstanding!

     Being a camp counselor can be the most fun, exciting, and rewarding job you ever do. Countless individuals fall in love with the camp experience each summer, and many make it part of their lives year after year. Campers remember their counselors for many summers and often return because of them. At Camp Hawkeye we believe that our staff is the most important asset that we have. A good counselor can make almost any situation fun, rewarding and memorable for campers. Quality counselors are immeasurably more important than the latest technological gadgets, indoor athletic facilities or a lighted stadium. Camp is about creativity, curiosity, and letting your imagination determine and drive the summer's fun.

Read one story of a staff member's impact on a child's life here.

     Counselors get to play, learn, laugh and grow each day along with our campers. Many staff use camp as a chance to get away from their busy, crowded, fast-paced, cement filled lives. They enjoy the smell of the air in the woods, and, the sounds of the birds in the trees as a backdrop for a memorable summer.

     While doing all of these things counselors need to realize the tremendous responsibility that comes along with their role. Counselors are "on call" each and every hour of each and every day; whether it be at noon or at midnight, if your group or an individual camper has an issue that needs to be addressed, a question that needs to be answered, or there is a child that needs to be reassured. Counselors are responsible for the the physical and psychological well-being of each camper at Camp Hawkeye. Staff members pay particular attention to their own cabin groups or activity areas but must be cognizant of all of those around them.

If this is what you are looking for this summer then let us know and get in on it quickly. Most of the Hawkeye staff returns each year and we don't post job openings as many other programs do. Get in contact with Garrett, the director, and let him know of your interest. Find out what staff positions are still vacant and get your foot in the door. You'll love it; guaranteed.